2009-02-09 18:39:06

by Aad Rijnberg

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Subject: Re: Bluez as A2DP-SNK?

Hi Marcel,

>> Is it possible to use bluez as A2DP-SNK? In the wiki it's just described
>> how to use it as SRC with ALSA, and while searching the web I just found
>> a thread on the bluez.devel-newsgroup from march 2005, saying that it is
>> not yet implemented. Is it now implemented? Would it be hard to implement?

> it is not implemented, but feel free to work on an implementation for
> the A2DP sink. It should not be that hard since all the base work is
> already present.

An A2DP sink is needed when playing e.g. a song from a mobile phone to the
(linux) PC, right?! That is also what I want to do.

Could you be a little more specific on what has to be done, and how much time
you think a developer would need for implementing and testing it? Is it a
matter of days, weeks, or months?