2009-02-06 12:31:31

by Kartikey Parmar

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Subject: Need help in Bluetooth programming with C

Hi there,
I m new to Bluetooth world of programming using BlueZ - the official
protocol stack for Linux.
I have install bluez-4.27 on Fedora core 9 in which I m finding .txt
file describing the APIs for C Programming but I don't find related
documentation of how to use the same to write our application using C
If I compile all .c files in the order in /src folder as described in
Makefile for "bluetoothd" sources, it gives no error. But the problem
in that is, I can't decide which function should I begin with to
initialize my Bluetooth dongle attached to USB port of the computer
and how to start inquiry, pairing & service discovery process using
those so called "Bluez D-Bus API".I m little confused about the use of
this bluez stack for my development in C programming.
Kindly guide me through how to solve this problem.
Pls reply at the earliest so I can continue my development.
Kartikey Parmar