2009-05-19 08:41:02

by Fabrizio Scarcello

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Subject: Specify hci device for sdp

I have to search for a service using sdptool (i'm using bluez3 on
debian), but i need to specify the hci channel to use in that sdp
request (this because i need to do many sdp requests and i want to
perform them on different hci channels).
As from sdptool man :

sdptool - SDP tool v3.36
sdptool [options] <command> [command parameters]
-h Display help
-i Specify source interface

using the option -i i can specify the source interface. But in fact i
can only specify -i 0: even if i mounted four bluetooth dongles to the
pc, when i specify -i 1, -i 2 and so on i've got the following output
(where a mac address is in the place of XX...):
Failed to connect to SDP server on XX:XX:XX:XX:XX: No route to host

Another strange observation: if i specify hci1 in the -i option it
works, but it works also with hci7, hci8 and so on... it seems to
ignore the -i option if i write hciX (but it doesn't throw en

I tried to browse the web but i find nothing...

Now my questions are:
Is that "source interface" the hci channel?
If yes: why it doesn't accept all the available hci channels, but only 0?
If not: how can i specify the hci channel?
Thanks in advance,