2009-05-18 07:26:50

by Brian Rogers

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Subject: Mouse connection times out in sniff mode

Hi all,

I have a problem where my mouse occasionally disconnects after brief

Using hcidump, I can see it dropping to sniff mode during the
inactivity. Then, if the problem occurs, no activity is logged when I
move or click the mouse until it gets disconnected due to a timeout.
Once the timeout occurs, the mouse is able to reconnect.

Other times the mouse comes out of sniff mode just fine. The frequency
of this problem occurring seems rather random. Sometimes I can't
reproduce it, and other times it happens constantly. I've also done a
bit of testing with two other Bluetooth dongles, and the problem seems
to occur only with my laptop's internal Bluetooth device.

I've been able to work around the timeout problem by disabling sniff
mode. I've been using the following command:
sudo hciconfig hci0 lp hold,park lm master

Also, this problem is exposing a secondary issue. When the connection
times out in the scenario described above, the mouse is not removed from
HAL. So I see many many copies of the mouse piling up in
gnome-device-manager and 'xinput list'. If I switch the mouse off
myself, the mouse (or at least the most recent copy) is properly removed
once the timeout occurs. I think being in sniff mode when the timeout
happens is what makes the difference.

My configuration:

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0a5c:2101 Broadcom Corp. A-Link BlueUsbA2 Bluetooth
Linux master branch with bluetooth-testing branch merged in.
BlueZ 4.39

A log of the timeout happening a couple times is attached.


hcidump.log.bz2 (4.81 kB)