2009-06-22 15:30:34

by João Paulo Rechi Vita

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Subject: [PATCH] A2DP Sink connection

This set of patches implements the necessary code for the A2DP Sink.
It wasn't extensively tested because we need a client to actually send
audio through it, but avinfo and the D-Bus Connect() method works.
Also, it didn't work over 2.6.28 kernel from Jaunty (connection
refused), and it latter worked over 2.6.30 from kernel.ubuntu.com. I
don't know if was a bug in kernel part or some ubuntu config file

Looking at the code one will notice that there is a lot of duplicated
code from Source SEP and Sink API. I have plans to merge both codes in
the future, but I would like to see it working with the client first,
so we don't change working code without testing the new one first. To
be able to test it, Source interface needs to be explicitly enabled in
audio.conf (Enable=Source).

João Paulo Rechi Vita
MSc Computer Science Student
Computer Engineer
IC / Unicamp

0001-Create-A2DP-Sink-SDP-record.patch (2.37 kB)
0002-Create-a2dp_sink_cancel.patch (1.85 kB)
0003-Create-a2dp_sink_get.patch (1.92 kB)
0004-Create-a2dp_sink_config.patch (3.98 kB)
0005-Create-a2dp_sink_resume.patch (2.55 kB)
0006-Create-a2dp_sink_suspend.patch (2.40 kB)
0007-Create-A2DP-Source-interface.patch (25.92 kB)
0008-Create-one-SBC-Sink-when-registering-A2DP-server.patch (793.00 B)
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