2009-06-19 06:00:57

by Rajan Batra

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Subject: Fwd: Ref : Bluez disconnects when in HeadsetGateway Mode


 thanks for your time to look at this :

     i am trying to connect Bluez to my Phone ( i tried Nokia and Asus phone)
i am able to connect to Phone in headsetGateway mode. i am facing
couple of issues :

i build bluez with --enable-alsa --enable-gstreamer option

1) whenever incoming call is indicated : if i directly use bluez-4.33
or git head
  i get error
             rfcomm_ag_data_cb(): buf is too long .......

   bluetoothd[8974]: rfcomm_ag_data_cb(): buf is too long '

  +CLIP: "02040130000",161
  ' EOL

  so i changed AG_INDICATOR_DESCR_SIZE  in audio/gateway.c
  to some value say 100.

   i stopped getting above error.

    does this error indicate, my nokia phone is sending wrong size frames ?

once i put above size fix. i moved ahead

2) if i use git head, after accepting incoming call,  bluez
disconnects the phone.
    message sequence on phone is
         "routing audio to headset"
         "disconnecting from headset"

    hcidump shows that disconnect event is been sent to phone.

    < HCI Command: Disconnect (0x01|0x0006) plen 3

   please find bluetoothd dump :

3) if i use 4.33 , bluez accepts incoming call. i can see sco prints in hcidump.
    but i don't hear voice. phone goes to headset mode. so i am not
able to talk through my phone.  Bluez host is not able send or recieve
audio with phone.

     i am using following asound.conf

      pcm.bluetooth {
                    type bluetooth
                    device 00:24:04:46:4E:FA
                    profile auto

      please find bluetoothd dump :



hcidump-june-git.log (24.98 kB)
hcidump-4.33.log (14.82 kB)
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