2009-06-16 00:29:24

by Hannes Rapp

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Subject: hciattach timeout - blocks at read() call

I am currently trying to get bluetooth working, but hciattach always
gives me initialization timeout.
I have a W2CBW003 module which has a marvel wlan module and a CSR BC04
bt module.
I call hciattach like this:
hciattach ttyS1 csr

The LED is flashing a few times but nothing else happens.

I added some debug printf's to the csr() initialize function and the
read_hci_event() in hciattach.c and it turned out that read_hci_event
blocks on the read() call on line 164.

My question: is this a known issue? or someone knows what the problem
could be ?

thanks & greetings