2009-07-07 01:47:54

by Chan-yeol Park

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Subject: Sony Erricson Headset compatibility Problem.

Hi, Marcel

BlueZ Wiki site the following is written.

The Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 and HBH-DS980 are not compliant with the
bluetooth spec. Currently, they do not work well with bluez, but a
workaround is in development.

As far as I know, BlueZ wiki site was used for BlueZ 3.xx
However even if I use with BlueZ 4.44(latest), they do not work well..

If you know the workaround your site mentioned , could you explain that for

What I found is below.

After HFP RFCOMM connection and 10 seconds later,
A2DP session is so slow.. MTU is so small and their respond is too late.

I guess that in case of another phone, it's no problem because their
connections(HFP,A2DP)are made simultaneously.
However in BlueZ case HFP,A2DP connection is separated. As a result it takes
more time to connect stereo Headset A2DP service than another device.