2009-10-26 17:17:03

by Marc Kleine-Budde

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Subject: sbcdec: problem with sbc mono stream


I've got a problem with the gstreamer sbcdec plugin. When playing the
attached sbc mono stream with this gstreamer pipeline:
$(gst-launch -v filesrc location=mono-short.sbc ! sbcdec ! alsasink)
the first some 100ms the stream sounds like an electric shaver. The
effect can be verified when streaming to a filesink.

The sbcdec command line tool just works fine. So the problem must be the
sbcdec plugin or I've started the pipeline the wrong way.

However I observer that the repeated starts of the pipeline give
different strange sounds at the beginning, Decoding into a filesrc does too:

for i in $(seq -w 1 10); do gst-launch filesrc location=mono-short.sbc !
sbcdec ! filesink location=out-$i.raw; done

md5sum *.raw
1b0b7f86c09e01a50356a5665ed2b102 out-01.raw
e1c0d6e947ae38fe8b97c3cf1bf6722c out-02.raw
895181960e81632340ba633b4f9dbf66 out-03.raw
a2e2dbc03ee7bace8a21c5a5a049e3cf out-04.raw
9eea2dc39181a20a16ab7fbd46367e35 out-05.raw
169a8c395c689671792a2683dcdc309f out-06.raw
0d5611f28e2c5f4a40c97c488c6eac2b out-07.raw
7b50d3bdaba858f1706f28c7b80334cf out-08.raw
9c5fce3703edd77c48949b3552fed1e4 out-09.raw
7dc8b34832b04a86873a3fad34304fd0 out-10.raw

I'm usung the latest bluez release.

cheers, Marc

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