2021-02-14 00:21:46

by Sailor Jerry

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Subject: HID problem on Raspberry PI (Failed to initialize gatt-client)

I'm trying to pair the remote control to the Raspberry PI running:
Linux 5.4.83-v7l+ #1379 SMP Mon Dec 14 13:11:54 GMT 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux

The BT remote is connected and I see the input coming in btmon, but it
fails to appear as HID input.

This is the output of bluetoothd:

src/gatt-client.c:btd_gatt_client_connected() Device connected.
src/adapter.c:new_conn_param() hci0 C7:A3:E8:B2:B1:EB (1) min 0x0006
max 0x0006 latency 0x0063
src/device.c:gatt_debug() MTU exchange complete, with MTU: 23
src/device.c:gatt_debug() Primary services found: 5
src/device.c:gatt_debug() start: 0x0001, end: 0x0004, uuid:
src/device.c:gatt_debug() start: 0x0005, end: 0x000b, uuid:
src/device.c:gatt_debug() start: 0x000c, end: 0x000e, uuid:
src/device.c:gatt_debug() start: 0x000f, end: 0x0027, uuid:
src/device.c:gatt_debug() start: 0x002b, end: 0x002f, uuid:
src/device.c:gatt_debug() Characteristics found: 3
src/device.c:gatt_debug() start: 0x0028, end: 0x002b, value: 0x0029,
props: 0x12, uuid:
src/device.c:gatt_debug() start: 0x002c, end: 0x002d, value: 0x002d,
props: 0x06, uuid:
src/device.c:gatt_debug() start: 0x002e, end: 0x002f, value: 0x002f,
props: 0x02, uuid:
src/device.c:gatt_debug() Failed to insert characteristic at 0x0029
src/device.c:gatt_debug() service disappeared: start 0x002b end 0x002f
src/device.c:gatt_debug() Failed to initialize gatt-client
src/device.c:gatt_client_ready_cb() status: failed, error: 10
src/device.c:device_svc_resolved() /org/bluez/hci0/dev_C7_A3_E8_B2_B1_EB err -5