2021-04-16 21:57:31

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Subject: bt keyboard won´t connect

Dear List,

I have an iPazzport bt mini keyboard that won´t connect.

Bluez is version 5.58, kernel 5.11.11.

Below I put the output from btmon.
The battery in the keyboard is charged, checked twice.

BT adapter is an onboard Qualcomm/Atheros 0cf3:e500 device in a laptop.

Could it be, the adapter needs to be put in HID mode?
How can I find out, what mode the adapter uses? I could not see in lsusb
-v what mode the adapter uses.

Below I put btmon output,
the same output as screen shot, more eye friendly there:

Thanks a lot in advance !

~$ btmon
Bluetooth monitor ver 5.58
= Note: Linux version 5.11.11-1.tpad (x86_64)

= Note: Bluetooth subsystem version 2.22

= New Index: 00:F4:8D:C9:40:5E (Primary,USB,hci0)

[hci0] 0.070261
= Open Index: 00:F4:8D:C9:40:5E

[hci0] 0.070269
= Index Info: 00:F4:8D:C9:40:5E (Qualcomm)

[hci0] 0.070273
@ MGMT Open: bluetoothd (privileged) version 1.19

{0x0001} 0.070278
= bluetoothd: profiles/input/device.c:ioctl_is_connected() Can't get
HIDP connection info
< HCI Command: Create Connection (0x01|0x0005) plen 13

#1 [hci0] 46.562467
Address: 54:46:6B:01:99:DA (Shenzhen CZTIC Electronic Technology
Co., Ltd)
Packet type: 0xcc18
DM1 may be used
DH1 may be used
DM3 may be used
DH3 may be used
DM5 may be used
DH5 may be used
Page scan repetition mode: R2 (0x02)
Page scan mode: Mandatory (0x00)
Clock offset: 0x0000
Role switch: Allow slave (0x01)
> HCI Event: Command Status (0x0f) plen 4

#2 [hci0] 46.565296
Create Connection (0x01|0x0005) ncmd 1
Status: Success (0x00)
> HCI Event: Connect Complete (0x03) plen 11

#3 [hci0] 51.687430
Status: Page Timeout (0x04)
Handle: 2
Address: 54:46:6B:01:99:DA (Shenzhen CZTIC Electronic Technology
Co., Ltd)
Link type: ACL (0x01)
Encryption: Disabled (0x00)
@ MGMT Event: Connect Failed (0x000d) plen 8

{0x0001} [hci0] 51.687500
BR/EDR Address: 54:46:6B:01:99:DA (Shenzhen CZTIC Electronic
Technology Co., Ltd)
Status: Connect Failed (0x04)
= bluetoothd: profiles/input/device.c:control_connect_cb() connect to
54:46:6B:01:99:DA: Host is down (112)