2021-07-23 02:06:23

by wangyouwan

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Subject: [PATCH] bluez:fix btmon tools “Allow slave” to "Central Or Peripheral" #431 [hci0] 99.922927

spec in v5.3
8.6.5 Role switch
There are several occasions when a role switch is used:
• A role switch is necessary in order to make a paging device a Peripheral
when joining an existing piconet, since by definition the paging device is
initially Central of a piconet involving the pager (Central) and the paged
(Peripheral) device.
• A role switch is necessary in order for a Peripheral in an existing piconet to
set up a new piconet with itself as Central and the original piconet Central as
Peripheral. If the original piconet had more than one Peripheral, then this
implies a double role for the original piconet Central; it becomes a Peripheral
in the new piconet while still maintaining the original piconet as Central.

Signed-off-by: wangyouwan <[email protected]>
monitor/packet.c | 2 +-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/monitor/packet.c b/monitor/packet.c
index 52d22ab21..f5d90f204 100644
--- a/monitor/packet.c
+++ b/monitor/packet.c
@@ -4143,7 +4143,7 @@ static void create_conn_cmd(const void *data, uint8_t size)
str = "Stay master";
case 0x01:
- str = "Allow slave";
+ str = "Central Or Peripheral";
str = "Reserved";