2021-07-23 14:02:08

by Dylan Van Assche

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Subject: [PATCH BlueZ 0/4] obexd: phonebook-ebook: modernize

The ebook plugin was introduced during GSoC 2011 [1] and allows
BlueZ to share contacts stored in the Evolution Data Server to
connected clients such as car multimedia systems.
With the rise of Mobile Linux thanks to the PinePhone and Librem 5,
this plugin was modernized to compile with newer libebook versions
because the API was changed [2].

[1] http://www.bluez.org/gsoc-eds-backend-of-phonebook-access-profilepbap/
[2] https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Evolution/ESourceMigrationGuide

This set of patches modernizes the PBAP phonebook-ebook plugin for newer
libebook versions of the Evolution Data Server, allows to select the
phonebook plugin at compile time, and set the default apparams for some
PTS clients. Some clients do not send the mandantory apparams when
retrieving the phonebook, but they work fine with a set of default

Dylan Van Assche (2):
obexd: phonebook-ebook: modernize
configure.ac: add libebook dependency

Hannu Mallat (1):
obexd: phonebook: Set default apparams for PTS clients

Juho Hamalainen (1):
configure.ac: specify phonebook plugin at build time

Makefile.am | 2 +-
Makefile.obexd | 4 +-
configure.ac | 17 +
obexd/plugins/pbap.c | 15 +
obexd/plugins/phonebook-ebook.c | 668 +++++++++++++++-----------------
5 files changed, 355 insertions(+), 351 deletions(-)