2022-12-11 15:52:36

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Subject: [Bug 60824] [PATCH][regression] Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle unusable


--- Comment #261 from Swyter ([email protected]) ---
Good news on my end, it seems like Greg Kroah-Hartman has added my two latest
patches to both the 5.10-stable and 6.0-stable trees. So they have been
thankfully backported and not only shipped as part of future Linux versions,
and all is well with the world.

Happy to at least see this fixed, even if Luiz Augusto von Dentz didn't accept
my third patch to add a kernel command-line toggle to improve compatibility,
haven't received any signals afterwards and I don't know how to ask them again.
Maybe someone wants to pick that one up and fight for it.

But yeah, in general the sweat paid off.

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