2023-03-06 02:37:46

by Gregoire Gentil

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Subject: How can I change the supervision timeout of BLE peripheral?


I have a pure C application running on a BLE peripheral and it uses
bluez code especially the code base of hcitool.

In le_set_advertising_parameters_cp, I see min_interval and max_interval
but I don't see any supervision timeout field. Is there another
advertising parameters (extended???) that features supervision timeout?

I'm aware of the following code in hcitool:

htobs(cr->conn_info->handle), timeout, 1000);

But in my own code, I don't manage to get the handle of the central
device once the connection has been established - I'm also wondering
whether if it's not too late to change supevision timeout after the
connection. "ioctl(device_handle, HCIGETCONNINFO, (unsigned long) cr);"
fails with a "no such file or directory" error though I'm sure that the
central device is connected.

How can I change from user-space the supervision timeout?

Thank you in advance,