2023-04-19 10:33:27

by Paul Menzel

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Subject: Re: [PATCH BlueZ v3] obexd: support to reply folder name to store file

Dear Guiting

Am 19.04.23 um 12:19 schrieb Guiting Shen:
> From: Aaron_shen <[email protected]>

The old name is still documented as the author for the commit. Did you
execute the second command?

git commit --amend --author="Aaron Shen <[email protected]>"

Or with your real name:

git commit --amend --author="Guiting Shen <[email protected]>"

You can verify the success with `git show` and look at the meta data.

> The obex agent usually reply the filename by getting the default filename


Do you mean *returns* instead of *replies*?

> from the filename property of the transfer object which is not convenient.
> The patch helps that the obex agent can reply folder name or new filename
> or null which will use the default filename if new_name is NULL and the
> default folder if the new_folder is NULL in opp_chkput().


Kind regards,