2023-04-26 18:45:08

by Raul Cheleguini

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Subject: [PATCH v2] Bluetooth: Fix unexpected SMP command errors for ATS2851

Fix unexpected SMP 0x08 and 0x09 command errors when connecting and pairing
devices using ATS2851 based controllers.

The errors are a result of a race condition in which the host receives the
commands (without prior authorization by SMP functions) in the moment host
is sending WRITE_AUTH_PAYLOAD_TIMEOUT command.

In such a situation, a disconnect event occurs, and the device cannot
connect or pair.

To address this issue, we add a condition that skips the
WRITE_AUTH_PAYLOAD_TIMEOUT command for ATS2851, enabling the SMP
functions to prepare for commands 0x08 and 0x09 in a timely manner.

Signed-off-by: Raul Cheleguini <[email protected]>
V1 -> V2: Fix typo in commit message.

- Note that this patch depends on the broken extended create connection
quirk sent in [1].
[1]. https://marc.info/?l=linux-bluetooth&m=168244024503639&w=2

drivers/bluetooth/btusb.c | 1 +
include/net/bluetooth/hci.h | 7 +++++++
net/bluetooth/hci_event.c | 7 +++++++
net/bluetooth/hci_sync.c | 5 ++++-
4 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/drivers/bluetooth/btusb.c b/drivers/bluetooth/btusb.c
index 1cf104feaf85..972ca94de6de 100644
--- a/drivers/bluetooth/btusb.c
+++ b/drivers/bluetooth/btusb.c
@@ -4374,6 +4374,7 @@ static int btusb_probe(struct usb_interface *intf,
set_bit(HCI_QUIRK_BROKEN_SET_RPA_TIMEOUT, &hdev->quirks);
set_bit(HCI_QUIRK_BROKEN_EXT_SCAN, &hdev->quirks);
set_bit(HCI_QUIRK_BROKEN_EXT_CREATE_CONN, &hdev->quirks);

if (!reset)
diff --git a/include/net/bluetooth/hci.h b/include/net/bluetooth/hci.h
index d5d0e44bf0b6..625c100a74ad 100644
--- a/include/net/bluetooth/hci.h
+++ b/include/net/bluetooth/hci.h
@@ -316,6 +316,13 @@ enum {
* based controllers, which erroneously claims to support it.
+ /*
+ * When this quirk is set, the command WRITE_AUTH_PAYLOAD_TIMEOUT is
+ * skipped. This is required for the Actions Semiconductor ATS2851
+ * based controllers, due to a race condition in pairing process.
+ */

/* HCI device flags */
diff --git a/net/bluetooth/hci_event.c b/net/bluetooth/hci_event.c
index d00ef6e3fc45..2077a7c921f1 100644
--- a/net/bluetooth/hci_event.c
+++ b/net/bluetooth/hci_event.c
@@ -3655,6 +3655,13 @@ static void hci_encrypt_change_evt(struct hci_dev *hdev, void *data,
goto unlock;

+ /* We skip the WRITE_AUTH_PAYLOAD_TIMEOUT for ATS2851 based controllers
+ * to avoid unexpected SMP command errors when pairing.
+ */
+ &hdev->quirks))
+ goto notify;
/* Set the default Authenticated Payload Timeout after
* an LE Link is established. As per Core Spec v5.0, Vol 2, Part B
* Section 3.3, the HCI command WRITE_AUTH_PAYLOAD_TIMEOUT should be
diff --git a/net/bluetooth/hci_sync.c b/net/bluetooth/hci_sync.c
index 26ab4deb6d52..ecd18c611122 100644
--- a/net/bluetooth/hci_sync.c
+++ b/net/bluetooth/hci_sync.c
@@ -4581,7 +4581,10 @@ static const struct {
"advertised, but not supported."),
"HCI LE Extended Create Connection command is "
- "advertised, but not supported.")
+ "advertised, but not supported."),
+ "to unexpected SMP errors when pairing.")

/* This function handles hdev setup stage:

2023-04-26 19:14:09

by bluez.test.bot

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Subject: RE: [v2] Bluetooth: Fix unexpected SMP command errors for ATS2851

This is an automated email and please do not reply to this email.

Dear Submitter,

Thank you for submitting the patches to the linux bluetooth mailing list.
While preparing the CI tests, the patches you submitted couldn't be applied to the current HEAD of the repository.

----- Output -----

error: patch failed: drivers/bluetooth/btusb.c:4374
error: drivers/bluetooth/btusb.c: patch does not apply
error: patch failed: include/net/bluetooth/hci.h:316
error: include/net/bluetooth/hci.h: patch does not apply
error: patch failed: net/bluetooth/hci_sync.c:4581
error: net/bluetooth/hci_sync.c: patch does not apply
hint: Use 'git am --show-current-patch' to see the failed patch

Please resolve the issue and submit the patches again.

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