2023-05-11 21:20:22

by Martin Petzold

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Subject: What is the correct properties map when I register the HID profile with the local object manager


I have some problems with a BLE remote control which only issues
"connected=true" without "servicesResolved=true" on the first button
pressed. Only on the second buttonPressed it also issues the
"servicesResolved=true" together with "connected=true". So I miss the
first button (think about the power button for the TV). I am trying to
implement the HID profile directly, I have "hog" and "input" disabled
for bluetoothd. I am using BlueZ 5.55 and currently I have to stick to
kernel 5.10. It does work with another remote control. I only know about
one difference, the newer one uses MAC address randomization. But I
don't know if this is relevant.

As I did not find an answer in StackOverflow, I asked ChatGPT. But of
course after some dialogues the answers change. However, it seems it may
be required to register more than just the HID service UUID with the
local object manager. Do I also need to register the characteristic
UUIDs and maybe related read / write flags?