2023-09-19 16:08:45

by Sven Peter

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Subject: Re: [PATCH v2 06/13] Bluetooth: hci_bcm4377: Convert aspm disable to quirk


On Mon, Sep 18, 2023, at 15:10, Ilpo Järvinen wrote:
> pci_disable_link_state() was made reliable regardless of ASPM CONFIG
> and OS being disallowed to change ASPM states to allow drivers to rely
> on pci_disable_link_state() working.
> Remove driver working around unreliable pci_disable_link_state() from
> hci_bcm4377 driver and add a PCI quirk to disable ASPM.
> Signed-off-by: Ilpo Järvinen <[email protected]>
> ---

Acked-by: Sven Peter <[email protected]>