2007-12-07 02:55:27

by J. Bruce Fields

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Subject: Re: [NFS] NFSv2/3 broken exporting/mounting (permission denied) in 2.6.24-rc4

On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 09:20:41PM -0500, Erez Zadok wrote:
> I get a "permission denied" when trying to mount a localhost nfsv2/3
> exported volume, on v2.6.24-rc4-124-gf194d13. It works w/ nfsv4 mounting.
> It worked fine in 2.6.24-rc3. Here's a sequence of ops I tried:
> # mount -t ext2 /dev/hdb1 /n/lower/b0
> # exportfs -o no_root_squash,rw localhost:/n/lower/b0
> # mount -t nfs -o nfsvers=3 localhost:/n/lower/b0 /mnt

What do you see if you watch the network traffic in ethereal?


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