2008-01-25 16:59:16

by Myklebust, Trond

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Subject: [PATCH 000/112] What's in the NFS queue for linux-2.6.25

The following series contains all the patches that are currently queued
up for inclusion in 2.6.25.

Main changes include

* Cleanup of the SUNRPC client call API. Extend rpc_run_task() so
that it can act as the universal point of entry for all RPC
calls. Unexport rpc_execute() and assorted other low-level
* Fix the remaining 'mount' issues: mainly to do with allowing
people to select tcp both and udp mounts to the same server,
setting per-mountpoint timeo/retrans etc...
* More IPv6 cleanups from Chuck. NFSv4 support for IPv6 should now
almost be complete (IPv6 callback support is still not ready).
* Assorted bugfixes, including SteveD's fix for the
sillyrename/umount race.