2008-01-13 15:27:24

by Mark Hobley

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Subject: Error inserting lockd: Cannot allocate memory

Hello All.

I am getting an error "Cannot allocate memory" when
trying to load the lockd module into a
vanilla kernel as follows:

modprobe lockd
Error inserting lockd
Cannot allocate memory

The top utility reveals:

Mem 387268k total 15524k used 371744k free
Swap 2706912k total 0k used 2706912k free

The modinfo utility reveals the following information
about lockd:

license: GPL
description: NFS file locking service version 0.5.
author: Olaf Kirch <[email protected]>
depends: sunrpc
vermagic: preempt mod_unload 586
parm: nsm_use_hostnames:bool

Should I be taking any special actions or passing a
parameter to load the module? (I have no experience of

What is the parm: nsm_use_hostnames:bool line?

I notice that my older (working) systems have no such
entry relating to lockd.

The distribution affected by this problem is Gentoo.
The kernel and modules were built at the same time,
and I have no old modules on the system, since this is
a first time build. Other modules load fine, with the
exception of nfs and nfsd, which have dependencies on
this lockd module.

The systems with no entry relating to lockd are Debian

My version of the kernel is about two months old, and
I know there have been updates, since then. Would a
kernel update fix this problem?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.


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