2008-02-28 08:15:07

by Talpey, Thomas

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Subject: Re: nfs4 over rdma transport oops

At 11:49 PM 2/27/2008, Shirish Pargaonkar wrote:
>The code fix works. I did not apply the workaround you had mentioned earlier
>and did not encounter oops for the same operation (cat) on the file on the
>mounted filesystem.

Great! I'll send it along to Trond then.

If you have a chance after running for a while on an RDMA mount
point, I'd be interested in the output of Chuck's "mountstats" python
script, which can extract some of the rdma operation statistics from the
rpc/rdma code. The "hardway" statistic is the one I'm especially interested
in, in your NFSv4 case. You can get it at:

There is also another script there which shows some very interesting
timing and other performance data, which I recommend: