2008-02-18 18:35:27

by Chuck Lever III

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Subject: [PATCH 00/17] RFC: mount.nfs support for NFSv4 over IPv6

Here's a proposal for adding support in mount.nfs for mounting NFSv4
servers over IPv6. It provides mount.nfs4 with the ability to resolve a
hostname to an IPv6 address and pass it to the kernel. It can also pass an
IPv6 local address via clientaddr=.

Kernel level sunrpc support rpcbind protocol versions 3 and 4 must be
enabled via Kconfig. Support for user-space rpcbind operations for IPv6
addresses is not needed with NFSv4, since the kernel handles rpcbind
operations for NFS version 4.

To support NFS version 2 and 3 mounts over IPv6, user level support for
rpcbind versions 3 and 4 will be required. That is currently under

Unmount support in umount.nfs4 for IPv6 is not needed for NFSv4 since
unmounting an nfs4 file system is a local client operation only.

This code is untested; it is posted for review only.

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