2008-03-05 21:23:56

by Adam Schrotenboer

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Subject: nfs_update_inode: inode X mode changed, Y to Z [repost with correct address]

Running SLES 10 on multiple compute nodes, with an OpenSuSE 10.2 NFS
server, and I am receiving the above log message on a semi-regular basis
in the NFS client system-logs. When this occurs, one of the users
receives an error (although there seems to be no way to easily collate
the users experience with the system log, short of using the timestamp).
Sometimes it's "read/write error", sometimes it's more specific
about something that was a file now being a directory (SVN tends to be
rather more verbose). Most of the time this is just a nuisance, but at
times (such as last week or so) it occurs so often that it blocks any
work getting done.

The NFS Server is running OpenSuSE 10.2 on a Dell PowerEdge 2900
with the PERC5/i controller. The NFS Clients are all SLES10 with the
standard mountoptions, and running in TCP mode (something about UDP +
NFS + GbE leads to subtle data corruption).

I have been able to find some references to this problem in Google,
but no solutions, and no discussion about what the problem stems from,
nor if any fixes have been attempted.

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