2008-04-30 14:21:54

by Adrian Phillips

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Subject: Re: [NFS] Data corruption using 2.6.18 NFSv3 client -- sparse files?

>>>>> "Clay" == Clay McClure <clay-zo/yENU/[email protected]> writes:

Clay> Hello, When multiple 2.6.18 NFSv3 clients write to the same
Clay> file, after one of the clients has recently read from the
Clay> file, we see data corruption in the form of null bytes
Clay> inserted into the file.

If its the same bug we've seen it appeared in 2.6.17 and we "fixed" by
downgrading the involved hosts to 2.6.16. It was related to this post
by Trond Myklebust (in Jan/Feb) :-

That is very likely to be the same problem as fixed in


AFAICR, all kernels after 2.6.17 were affected. Can you therefore see if
the same patch applies to 2.6.19, and if it fixes your problem?



Adrian Phillips

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