2008-04-30 15:59:38

by Chuck Lever

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Subject: [PATCH 0/6] Fix several issues with NFS mount option parsing

Hi Jeff-

Here's the kind of changes I'm thinking about for addressing some recently
noticed problems with text-based mounts.

These patches should address the following issues:

o The retrans= and timeo= settings don't have any effect if they are
specified before proto=

o If UDP is blocked, specifying "proto=tcp" doesn't work because the
kernel still uses mountproto=udp by default

o Sloppy mount options aren't ever allowed, so automounter maps that
contain options that aren't supported on Linux cause failed mounts

I think there are still important corner cases that aren't working as
well as they should, but this ought to be a good start.

corporate: <chuck dot lever at oracle dot com>