2008-05-20 00:30:43

by Peter Leckie

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Subject: Re: [PATCH 00/04] NFS/RDMA client stall patches

Talpey, Thomas wrote:
> At 09:28 PM 5/18/2008, Peter Leckie wrote:
>> Hi here are a few patches that prevent the NFS/RDMA client from
>> stalling during xprt disconnect.
> Thanks! I have some patches from Connectathon that I hope to send
> this week, I'll take a look shortly. (There are some server patches on
> the way from Tom Tucker as well.)
> I noticed the SGI client was offering up to 1MB rsize/wsize. Is that
> work perhaps ready for review? I'm working to increase these sizes
> to at least 128KB, and if taking them to 1MB is not overly resource-
> intensive under RDMA, that would be great.

Yeah I was hoping on reworking that patch before I send it out, it's a
little hard coded for 1M mount.
I'll try and sent it out by the weekend.