2008-05-02 23:50:31

by Sten Spans

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Subject: [NFS] bug in nfs-utils support/misc/tcpwrapper.c

I've been trying to get /etc/netgroup support going on
a machine serving nfs mounts to hosts located in various
.nl netblocks. Managing hosts this way greatly simplifies
hosts.allow and exports management, easily worth any slowdowns
during mounting.

I did notice a small problem in the tcpwrapper support:
(resulting in errors from mountd)

127 /* Check the official name first. */
128 if (hosts_ctl(daemon, "", hp->h_name, ""))
129 return 1;

this supplies the resolved hostname in the address field of hosts_ctl
which doesn't work. Changing it to:

if (hosts_ctl(daemon, hp->h_name, "", ""))

does work as expected. The h_aliases check on line 133 probably needs
the same change to work as expected.

Sten Spans

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."
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