2008-07-01 07:24:29

by Carsten Aulbert

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Subject: Re: [NFS] [email protected] subscription

Hi Neil,

NeilBrown wrote:
> It takes me a day or two to get to these sometimes. But I always
> reject them asking you to subscribe to [email protected]
> as it is a better managed list (and this is gatewayed to that).

Yes, seen that and already asked vger to subscribe.. but that usually
takes a while :)

> But your mail did get through.

Good, I'll repost it once I'm subscribe to the new list

> Where did you get the address of this list from Carsten? We should
> fix it if we can.


Search for NFS on Google and one of the top hits is the SF page which
directly links to the old list:

Thanks for the reminder!



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