2008-08-21 21:26:53

by Bruce Fields

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Subject: Re: [PATCH 3/8] SUNRPC: Set V6ONLY socket option for RPC listener sockets

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 12:20:53PM -0400, Chuck Lever wrote:
> My complete IPv6 patch set is available here:
> http://git.linux-nfs.org/?p=cel/cel-2.6.git;a=summary
> The tags that start "cel-ipv6-..." contain the IPv6-related patches.
> I see the latest one is still two weeks old, so I should update it
> with what I sent to Bruce recently.

OK. Well, I can't currently volunteer to write and test the last bits
of server-side ipv6 functionality, so somebody else needs to or it won't