2008-09-22 17:37:16

by Aaron Straus

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Subject: Re: [NFS] blocks of zeros (NULLs) in NFS files in kernels >= 2.6.20


On Sep 22 01:26 PM, Chuck Lever wrote:
> Why can't you use O_SYNC | O_APPEND ?

In our case, some of the writers are not in our control. Another case
we see the issue is you spawn a job:

job 1> out 2> err &
tail -f out err


Also, we actually do like caching the writes (b/c log files do not need
to be checked immediately after being written). We just wish the cache
could be written out in-order.

If there's no way to make that happen... we can reorganize our
file-system, exports, mounts, etc so that the log file directory is
mounted with the sync option.

However, the problem *might* be annoying and wide-spread enough to
warrant a change.

Anyway, thanks!


Aaron Straus
aaron-bYFJunmd+ZV8UrSeD/[email protected]