2008-09-04 16:57:08

by Chuck Lever III

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Subject: [PATCH 00/16] various random nfs-utils clean ups

Hi Steve-

Here are a series of nfs-utils clean ups that I've culled out of my IPv6
series, including the RESTRICTED_STATD removal patches. They are
non-IPv6 related, and should be easy to review.

Please pay close attention to the last one in the series. This one may be an
actual bug, but it is difficult for me to test it thoroughly.

Would you consider these for the next release of nfs-utils?


Chuck Lever (16):
rpc.statd: Stop overloading sockfd in utils/statd/rmtcall.c
rpc.statd: Clean up: replace "if (!(foo = rtnl))".
nfs-utils: whitespace clean ups in support/nfs/rpcmisc.c
nfs-utils: Remove excess log reporting
nfs-utils: make makesock() static
nfs-utils: Clean up support/nfs/rpcmisc.c:closedown()
nfs-utils: remove disabled code from support/nfs/rpcmisc.c
nfs-utils: Remove unused function rpc_svcrun()
nfs-utils: remove unused function rpc_logcall()
sm-notify command: clean up error logging
sm-notify command: getaddrinfo(3) addrinfo leak
sm-notify command: include <config.h>
showmount command: clean up error returns from connect_nb()
showmount: destroy RPC client when finished
rpc.statd: eliminate --secure_statd
rpc.statd: refactor check to see if call is from loopback address

configure.ac | 9 --
support/include/rpcmisc.h | 3 -
support/nfs/rpcdispatch.c | 51 ----------
support/nfs/rpcmisc.c | 225 ++++++++++++++-----------------------------
utils/showmount/showmount.c | 27 +++--
utils/statd/callback.c | 6 -
utils/statd/monitor.c | 100 ++++++-------------
utils/statd/rmtcall.c | 28 +++--
utils/statd/simu.c | 35 ++-----
utils/statd/sm-notify.c | 59 +++++++----
utils/statd/statd.c | 4 -
utils/statd/statd.h | 1
12 files changed, 191 insertions(+), 357 deletions(-)

Chuck Lever