2022-01-12 22:34:09

by Christoph Hellwig

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Subject: Re: [bug report] NFS: Support statx_get and statx_set ioctls

On Tue, Jan 11, 2022 at 06:08:27PM +0000, Trond Myklebust wrote:
> So firstly, there already has been a discussion of this on linux-
> fsdevel (and linux-kernel):
> https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/[email protected]/
> and the consensus at the time was that these attributes were not needed
> in statx.

And apparently someone now has a different opinion, so we should restart

> The other issue is that this is not a duplicate of stat. It's adding
> support for both _setting_ and reading back these attributes. The
> ability to supporting reading the archive bit / backup time, for
> example, is completely useless unless you can also set those values
> after backing up the file. Right now, there is no support in the VFS
> for setting any attributes that are not part of the standard POSIX set.

Either way this has no business being private in NFS. We need to
come to an agreement to have a proper interface for CIFS, fat, exfat
and the 2 ntfs drivers as welŀ. With the first three being the most
important ones.

So big fat nack for stashing something like this into nfs without proper
review and coordination.