2006-12-15 07:46:50

by n.balaji

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Subject: Asynchronous Crypto suppor for MPC8360E's Security Engine

I am working on MPC8360E Security Engine. I have ported the Openswan
2.4.5(IPSec --KLIPS) with OCF to MPC8360E's Security Engine (Talitos).
Encryption and Decryption is working. But when I check the performance of
Talitos with netio benchmark Tool, IPSec S/W Algorithms is giving more
bandwidth than Talitos.
I do not know that why Talitos is giving less bandwidth and any probelm
in Openswan or OCF or Talitos driver or Talitos H/W. Please give your
suggestions and if you have any link related to Talitos, send to me.

Linux kernel version is 2.6.11.

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