2007-02-03 16:21:36

by Evgeniy Polyakov

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Subject: [ANN] Acrypto asynchronous crypto layer 2.6.20 release.


I am pleased to announce new release of the acrypto for 2.6.20 kernel -
first asynchronous crypto layer for Linux kernel 2.6.

Acrypto allows to handle crypto requests asynchronously in hardware.

Acrypto supports following features:
* multiple asynchronous crypto device queues
* crypto session routing (allows to complete single crypto session when
several operations (crypto, hmac, anything) are completed)
* crypto session binding (bind crypto processing to specified device)
* modular load balancing (one can created load balancer which will get
into account for example pid of the calling process)
* crypto session batching genetically implemented by design (acrypto
provides the whole data structure to crypto device, i.e. it is
possible to use acrypto as a bridge which routes requests between
completely different devices, since it does not differentiate between
users, just handles requests)
* crypto session priority
* different kinds of crypto operation(RNG, asymmetrical crypto, HMAC and
any other)

Combined patchset includes:
* acrypto core
* IPsec ESP4 port to acrypto
* dm-crypt port to acrypto
* OCF to acrypto bridge, which allows to run OCF device
drivers with acrypto (for example ixp4xx), requires OCF installed.

Ported crypto drivers and benchmarks can be found on acrypto homepage:


Changes from previous release:
* moved to 2.6.20 API (work struct)
* updated HIFN driver
* crypto->acrypto conversation (by Markus Kammerst)
* work struct changes
* bugfixes

* extend software provider to support all types of ciphers

2.6.16 - 2.6.19 releases moved to maintenance mode.

Patchset is not attached due to its size (190kb).

Signed-off-by: Evgeniy Polyakov <[email protected]>

Evgeniy Polyakov