2007-08-30 08:39:17

by Herbert Xu

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Subject: [0/8] [CRYPTO]: Add AEAD/authenc support


I'm about add these patches to cryptodev-2.6.

They create a new operation called crypto_aead which will
support AEAD (Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data)
algorithms. Essentially they combine the functionality of
the current blkcipher and hash operations into one.

This will be used by IPsec, in particular, for algorithms
such as CCM.

Right now there is only one AEAD algorithm, authenc, which
simply combines an ablkcipher with a hash in the way that
is currently used by IPsec ESP.

With this we can replace the ablkcipher/hash code in ESP
with aead, which will then make it possible to support CCM.

The authenc code is currently untested because of the lack
of actual users. This will be addressed when IPsec is
converted across.

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