2007-12-11 04:02:18

by Herbert Xu

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Subject: [0/19] Add IV generators and givcrypt


This series of patches introduces IV generators which can be
accessed through the givencrypt and givdecrypt operations on
block ciphers and AEADs (other than crypto_blkcipher which
should not be used for new code).

The givencrypt operation is identical to encrypt except that the
IV is generated by the algorithm instead of given by the user.
Ditto for givdecrypt although it is only suitable for IV generators
which are deterministic. It will be used by dm-crypt in future.

Algorithms can either provide their own IV generator or (as
most will do) use the default IV generators provided by the
system. If no IV generator is specified by the system, then
chainiv will be used for synchronous algorithms and eseqiv will
be used for asynchronous algorithms.

Counter mode algorithms (which include some stream ciphers) must
choose something other than the default to ensure uniqueness for
the IV.

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