2008-08-11 20:42:47

by Jean-Christophe Dubois

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Subject: question on offloaded crypto engine for network device.

Hi guys,

I am looking for some kind of reference implementation for a type of driver
supporting a network device with built in crypto device.

Basically with this device you don't see the network device itself. You only
see the crypto device. For example you would build an IPSEC packet with ESP
header an put commands around it to instruct on what part to do crypting and
on what part to do authentication. Then you send the packet to the device
never to see it again (you will just be told when you can free the skbuff and
other associated resources). The device will take the packet crypt/sign it
and send it to the network.

Is there in the linux crypto framework the required hooks to support such kind
of device? could you point me to the right direction?