2008-11-05 11:52:18

by Eran Ben-Avi

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Subject: manual keying with OpenSwan 2.6.18


I'm using OpenSwan 2.6.18 with kernel on ARM based system and trying to run ipsec session with the following connection(ipsec.conf):

??? type=tunnel
??? authby=secret
??? left= # Picks up our dynamic IP
??? leftsubnet=
??? right= # Remote information
??? rightsubnet=
??? auto=route
??? spi=0x668
??? esp=3des-sha1??????????? # ESP enc/auth algorithm (3des-md5-96/3des-sha1-96)
??? espenckey=0x01234567_89abcdef_02468ace_13579bdf_12345678_9abcdef0
??? espauthkey=0x12345678_9abcdef0_2468ace0_2468ace0_13579bdf

when I start the ipsec service, the following message appears(refer to spi parameter):
can not load config '/etc/ipsec.conf': /etc/ipsec.conf:46: valid keyword, but value is not a number [0x668]
Failed to parse config setup portion of ipsec.conf

Did I miss something ?