2010-04-10 03:20:46

by Bai Shuwei

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Subject: where does tw routine point to in xts.c?

Hi, All:
When i use the cryptsetup command to set the aes-xts-plain
encryption, the system will entry the crypt() routine which defined in
the xts.c file. I find the routine will call two important routines:
tw and fn. I think the fn will point to the aes_encrypt/decrypt
routine. But i want to know which routine the tw will point to for
aes-xts-plain encryption? and where i can find its source code? I put
the segment where the tw routine will be called in the bellow.

wsrc = w->src.virt.addr;
wdst = w->dst.virt.addr;

/* calculate first value of T */
tw(crypto_cipher_tfm(ctx->tweak), w->iv, w->iv);

goto first;

for (;;) {
do {

Thanks all!

Best Regards

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