2010-07-10 01:04:33

by Mrs Rebecca Ault

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Subject: Your Well Deserved Compensation

Hello Dear Friend,

I did not forgot your past efforts and attempts to assist me, now I’m
happy to inform you that I have succeeded in getting those funds
transferred into my new partner's account. Now Contact my secretary ask
him for US$2.700, 000.00 (In Certified Draft) being your compensation. His
Name is : Mr. Paul Flink. his contact information is as given below.

Name :Mr Paul Flink
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +229 93816266

Also proceed to reconfirm your personal information as below:

You’re full Name: __________________
Delivery address: __________________
Mobile Telephone __________________
Age: _____________________________
Sex: ______________________________
Occupation: ________________________
E-Mail ____________________________

Mrs. Rebecca Ault