2011-11-30 16:27:15

by Leo Samulis

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Subject: DM-Steg: New steganographic encryption module

Hello folks,

I'd like to introduce DM-Steg. It's a device mapper module that
provides deniable/steganographic encryption. DM-Steg provides similar
capabilities to Rubberhose (a now defunct project by Julian Assange et
al.) and more advanced deniable encryption than Truecrypt.

DM-Steg can be used to hide any number of strongly encrypted volumes
inside block devices or files. There is no way to determine how many
volumes a block device contains or even if the block device is not
random data. DM-Steg uses strong encryption yet still achives goood
performance - up to 148 MB/s on my core 2 duo, and only 1% slowdown on
kernel compiles.

DM-Steg is working code and free software, so if you have any interest
in deniable encryption, please head over to http://dmsteg.sf.net and
grab the tarball!

I've taken this project as far as I want so I'd very much like it if
there's anyone in the OSS community who wants to take it further.
Don't be shy! :)

All the best,

- Leo