2011-12-25 22:12:58


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Subject: End of year bonus!!

postcodesloetrij- Bonus !!

Promotion advertisement !!: we are please to inform you that the
Postcode-lottery yearly award award promotion program held 25th Dec 2011,
have pronounce your e-mail address as the luckily winner of a total sum:
of ?100,000(One Hundred Thousand Euros

Please email via BV Post-lottery Solicitors Fund Verification Department
with your Serial-No:LE-0031#55330 for your claim,

Office/Email:[email protected]

This program is organize to promote the postcode lottery company award
yearly, and we are strictly and skeptical regard your winning information
that is why you are advice to forward your serial number the claim
department only and without any dis-closer to any person /friends for
security reason

Mrs:Hase Van Willems
Promotion Coordinator.