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Subject: Cloud server Promotion!!

Dear all,

Please see below price list for cloud server package.

SuperCloud 512
?E Dedicated CPU: 1.8GHZ
?E Dedicated RAM: 512MB
?E Disk Space: 20GB
?E Bandwidth: 200GB

SuperCloud 768
?E Dedicated CPU: 2.4GHZ
?E Dedicated RAM: 768MB
?E Disk Space: 40GB
?E Bandwidth: 300GB

SuperCloud 1024
?E Dedicated CPU: 3.0GHZ
?E Dedicated RAM: 1024MB
?E Disk Space: 60GB
?E Bandwidth: 400GB

SuperCloud 1536
?E Dedicated CPU: 3.6GHZ
?E Dedicated RAM: 1536MB
?E Disk Space: 80GB
?E Bandwidth: 600GB

SuperCloud 2048
?E Dedicated CPU: 4.2GHZ
?E Dedicated RAM: 2048MB
?E Disk Space: 100GB
?E Bandwidth: 800GB

SuperCoud 4096
?E Dedicated CPU: 5.4GHZ
?E Dedicated RAM: 4096MB
?E Disk Space: 150GB
?E Bandwidth: 1600GB

SuperCloud 8G
?E Dedicated CPU: 9.6GHZ
?E Dedicated RAM: 8GB
?E Disk Space: 300GB
?E Bandwidth: 3000GB

SuperCloud 12G
?E Dedicated CPU: 12GHZ
?E Dedicated RAM: 12GB
?E Disk Space: 500GB
?E Bandwidth: 5000GB

Should you have any need. Please feel free to contact me, Thanks.

Best Regards,
Eric Chan
Senior Sales Executive

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