2012-03-01 13:28:27

by TimLee

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Subject: Re: Hit OOPS on FPU save and restore while useing AESNI for IPSecon 32 bit System

> [email protected] wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Recently I hit an OOPS on FPU save/restore in Linux version using aesni_intel_asm.S and aesni_intel_glue.c for native IPSec(netkey) on 32bit System. The same OOPS were found in versions, 3.0.x and 3.1.x.But I did not hit this problem in 64 bit system for all these versions.
>> My platform information:
>> "Linux dnsubuntu #7 SMP Sat Nov 12 03:11:12 CST 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux"
> Please try the latest git tree (rc4). It should be fixed.
> Cheers,
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Thanks for your advice. I have done the same test on version 3.3.0-rc3 and 3.3.0-rc4. For version 3.3.0-rc3, the Oops problem can be easily repeated in 1 to 5 mins. For version 3.3.0-rc4, I have tested around 24 hours, no Ooops is found anymore. The problem I hit is proved to be solved in these patches.