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by eric

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Subject: Web development service

Dear all,
Please see below is our general job reference and web design package,

Total 12 pages web design service
- Two language version
- All the webpage design is included:
- Theme development;
- Design Study;
- Original Layout / Artwork Design;
- Steady HTML / Flash Web page development;
- Search Engine Applicable;
- Basic Graphic Flash Banner x1;
- All text contents, logos and related product photos should be provided by client
Product eCatalogue (Product Page)

- CMS Function of add /edit Products with Contents & Photos
- Maximum 10 fields include Photos and Contents
- Text Editor for Detail Contents (if need)
- Support text descriptions and photos updating
- 1 Level categories management
- Database support with un-limit Products create
- Not include Data input
- Standard Admin panel with login function (1 admin account)
Content management system (Activities page)

- Basic CMS function of add / edit items
- Max. 5 fields per item
- Support photos and text descriptions
- Front-end support 1 page only (Comapny activities page)
- Database support with un-limit Products create
- Not include Data input
- Integrated Admin Panel
Enquiry form function (Contact Us)
- Form to mail
Package price : $38,000

Yoy may click the hyperlink to see some of our design reference.

Job reference


Program reference

Best Regards,
Eric Chan
Senior Sales Executive

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