2022-01-12 23:56:15

by Arnd Bergmann

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Subject: Re: [EXT] [PATCH] hwrng: cn10k - HW_RANDOM_CN10K should depend on ARCH_THUNDER

On Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 5:34 PM Sunil Kovvuri Goutham
<[email protected]> wrote:
> >Subject: Re: [EXT] [PATCH] hwrng: cn10k - HW_RANDOM_CN10K should depend on ARCH_THUNDER
> >On Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 4:55 PM Sunil Kovvuri Goutham <[email protected]> wrote:
> >config ARCH_OCTEON
> > bool "Marvell OCTEON and ThunderX data processing units"
> > help
> > This enables support for Marvell (formerly Cavium) OCTEON
> > Family of DPUs and SoCs, including OCTEON 10, Octeon TX2
> > CN92xx/CN96xx/CN98xx, OcteonTX CN8xxx, ThunderX CN88xx, and
> > Octeon Fusion products.
> >
> > Note: these are unrelated to the similarly named ThunderX2
> > CN99xx server processors, the Octeon TX2 91xx SoCs and the
> > Armada processors.
> >
> >config ARCH_THUNDER2
> > bool "Marvell/Cavium ThunderX2 Server Processors"
> > select GPIOLIB
> > help
> > This enables support for Marvell's discontinued ThunderX2
> > CN99XX family of server processors, originally sold by Cavium.
> >
> > Note: these do not include the unrelated ThunderX CN88xx or
> > OCTEON TX2 processors, despite the similarities in naming.
> >
> >config ARCH_MVEBU
> > bool "Marvell EBU SoC Family"
> > help
> > This enables support for Marvell EBU familly, including:
> > - Armada 3700 SoC Family
> > - Armada 7K SoC Family
> > - Armada 8K SoC Family
> > - Octeon TX2 CN91xx Family
> >
> >If that's not the correct interpretation, does that mean that OCTEON 10
> >and Octeon TX2 CN92xx/CN96xx/CN98xx are a different family from
> >Octeon/TX CN8xxx and ThunderX CN88xx and should have a fourth
> >symbol, or are they part of the Armada family?
> OcteonTx (8xx) are derivatives of ThunderX.

Ok, and those are the same family as the earlier cnMIPS based OCTEON
CN3xxx/CN5xxx/CN6xxx/CN7xxx/CNF7xxx and the later ARMv8.2
Fusion CNF9xxx, right?

> Octeon 10 and OcteonTx2 (9x series) are different families and not related to
> Armada as well.

I assume with '9x' you mean only the CN92xx/CN96xx/CN98xx/CN10x/DPU400
family here, not the OcteonTx2 CN91xx that is clearly part of the Marvell
Sheeva/Kirkwood/MVEBU/Armada family, and the CN99xx in the
Netlogic/Broadcom family.

Is there anything that you can say about this product line? It looked like it
was derived from the cnMIPS/OcteonTX line, and it seems to share its
mystery (presumably ThunderX1-derived rather than Cortex or Vulcan)
ARMv8.2 core with the CNF9xxx.

> But I am fine if ARCH_THUNDER is renamed to ARCH_OCTEON to include all.

I'd really prefer to have sensible names, so if there are six unrelated Marvell
SoC families (pxa/mmp, armada/mvebu/cn91xx, xlp/vulcan/thunderx2,
berlin/synaptics, cavium/octeon/thunderx/fusion, and whatever turned into
non-cavium cn92xx/cn96xx/cn98xx/cn10x/dpu400) instead of five, we should
probably have six ARCH_* names for those. (Note: for some other
manufacturers such as Broadcom or Mediatek, we do use just the company
name as the CONFIG_ARCH_* symbol, but I feel that for Marvell or NXP,
that ship has sailed long ago, based on the number of acquisitions and

Any suggestions for the name? Were these acquired from some other