2022-05-03 13:07:11

by Lennart Poettering

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Subject: Re: [PATCH 2/2] random: add fork_event sysctl for polling VM forks

On Di, 03.05.22 13:55, Jason A. Donenfeld ([email protected]) wrote:

> I'm still not convinced there's value in having a counter or a UUID, but
> if you had to choose, would you prefer a counter or a UUID? It sounds
> like the former, because you see a use for distinguishing between zero
> and non-zero? Or did you finally agree with me that vmgenid isn't
> granular enough for that?

I would prefer a monotonic counter, since it allows answering
questions like the following:

1. Did this image get cloned at all? (i.e. counter != 0; usecase as per the MAC address

2. Did the image get cloned since the last time I looked? (i.e. counter
!= my_previously_saved_counter; usecase: detect clones in an "offline"
fashion, i.e. from a component that doesn't continously run, but
only from time to time)

3. How many clones did I miss? (i.e. missed_clones =
my_previously_saved_counter - counter; usecase: catch up with
generating proxy D-Bus signal messages for clones).

There might be more.

Using a UUID would not give us #1 or #3. It would deliver #2 however.


Lennart Poettering, Berlin