2006-11-22 01:59:00

by Federico Levi

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Subject: University Research - Ext4

We are two students from the University of Cordoba, Argentina,
studying Computer Science. We are taking a second year course named
Operating Systems, in which we study, well, basically, Andrew
Tanenbaum's "Modern Operating Systems" (2nd Edition).
For our last lab project we were asked to write a paper on a subject
of our choice. After looking though a few possibilities, we chose to
do it about linux Ext4. We've been asked to not only compare it
(performance-wise) with Ext3, but to explain -and try to justify the
results of the benchmark comparisons- the following: caracteristics of
each file system, internal arquitecture, and disk structure. Doing
research, we've found little information related to these subjects,
but we did find this mail list, and thought someone here might help
us. We contacted Andrew Morton, and he also suggested
vger.kernel.org. Any information or source for related info would be
greately apreciated!
Thank you very much for your time!